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    You want the world to view you in a positive light. Effective communications can give you the opportunity to be seen and heard not just in your industry and amongst your peers but globally through harnessing the power of the Internet, no matter who you are. You need a strong communications strategy in place to help meet your business goals. Whether you’re a company, service, product or an individual who wants to get noticed, we can help you develop meaningful engagements with the people that matter.

    Communications Planning and Strategy

    Market Profiling ♦ Communications Program Implementation

    Leading you down the right path


    To achieve a communications programme that clearly conveys your message, your opinions and your thought leadership you need to know what your ultimate aim is and how you want to be perceived. Our job is to help you get there.


    Event and Launch Coordination

    Press Release Seeding ♦ Press Room Briefing ♦ Crisis Management ♦ Presentation Writing

    Helping you make a name for yourself


    With experience in both in-house and agency roles we know that it’s not always about the biggest and cleverest ideas to get results. The strategy or tactics must get you the results that match your business and communications objectives.


    Press Room Management

    Features ♦ Articles ♦ Case Studies ♦ Social Media ♦ Newsletters ♦ Copywriting ♦ Award Entry Writing

    Getting you the headliness


    So if you’re looking for a communications consultancy that takes time to understand your company and your industry, gets the basics right, and isn't all about the smoke and mirrors, then we’re the communications agency for you.






    Michelle Brown

    Communications Consultant

    Michelle is a highly experienced communications professional having worked in the industry of public relations and social media since 1997. Previous to this she worked in sales and the combined experience means she understand how business works.


    By working with your business, product, service or you as an individual, she can help to get you noticed in a positive light that leads to you achieving your business goals. Using a bespoke communications plan that considers your needs, time capacity and end goals you will be in a good position to achieve your targets.


    If you think you need a communications strategy Michelle is the lady to ask.



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    Louise Makin

    Internal Communications Consultant

    Louise is an Internal Communications Consultant who has effectively executed internal communications strategies and plans for large corporate organisations at an EMEA level.


    Louise has a true ‘passion’ for the field of employee engagement and looks to combine corporate values and behaviour, organisational design, goals, engagement and, reward and recognition into her work. Sympathetic to her belief that people are at the centre of every business.


    Katy cowan and tom cowan


    Boomerang is an independent communications agency in Manchester, established since 2007. Specialising in the creative, cultural and innovation industries, it combines PR and digital expertise to help boost a company's reputation, attract more customers and grow.


    Its team of PR consultants, digital marketers and software developers have a wealth of experience in both the consumer and B2B sectors, and its clients range from the BBC to Adobe.


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    Lindsay Williams

    The Media Coach, Founder

    Lindsay is the founder and MD of Media Coach International Ltd. Her personal clients include Lloyds Banking Group, Capita, Chubb Insurance, Honeywell, Discovery Channel, various pharmaceutical companies, a number of business schools, consultancies and a major UN agency.


    LinkedIn | Twitter | URL

    Alison winter

    Digital Empath

    Digital Empath is a digital consultancy about getting to heart of the matter. Alison Winter is a content manager, copywriter and producer who has developed a creative digital presence, (websites, social media campaigns, rebrands) for sole traders and SMEs. She calls it Digital Feng Shui. Let's call it in!


    Jason Ball and Derek Whitehead

    Considered Content

    Considered Content is a content marketing agency focused on B2B and technology companies. We do three things really well:

    1: We plan content
    2: We create content
    3: We promote content

    Today, 9 out of 10 businesses market with content. It creates relationships, generates leads and gets them found. Yet too many struggle to produce the kind of content that engages customers and creates opportunities.

    We can help.


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    Testimonials from people I have worked with

    Helen McNallen

    Mission: Social Change Leaders + Conversations + Beaches

    Helen was Michelle's client at Depression Can Be Fun


    I have been working with Michelle since November 2009 and she has guided me through the maze of PR and communications in general. I have found her consultation invaluable when it has come to writing PR releases for the launch of my book, setting up my Facebook page and assisting me through social media communications like Twitter. She has also helped me edit my book and content on our Website and copy for inclusion on partnership sites and marketing collateral. Her media training and messaging guidelines has also made the fear of interviews, especially live, a lot easier to handle and has helped me to focus on my key points and objectives when being interviewed.



    I find her very easy to work with, she will go the extra mile and has invested time to understand my requirements and even provided me with leads and contacts that have lead to partnerships for my Website.


    I can honestly say I would not have been able to achieve what I have without her help and expertise

    Moritz Chrambach, CFA

    Enterprise Finance•Senior Debt•Mezzanine•Equity•Bridging•M&A•Aviation/Maritime•Project Finance

    Michelle was a consultant for Moritz


    Michelle is an excellent partner when it comes to increasing a business or individual's profile in the public domain. She is very effective and creative in her approach. She is also very honest and will not make false promises. I would strongly recommend her work.


    Kirsty Leighton

    Mission: Social Change Leaders + Conversations + Beaches

    Kirsty worked with Michelle at BondPR


    Michelle was a strong, dynamic, creative and much respected senior member of the team at Bond. She is lots of fun to work with, always says what she means and has a fabulous dress for every occasion!


    Lisa Hutt

    Marketing strategy and business development for the tech sector

    Lisa Managed Michelle at Monster.co.uk


    Michelle is a seasoned PR professional who knows the business inside-out. She works independently, building a great relationship with the PR agency to maximise PR opportunities and value for money. Michelle gets on with everyone in the organisation at all levels and is a great team player. When someone wants advice, Michelle is always first port of call - she always has the answer!


    Rick Allen

    Director, Allen Consulting Services Ltd

    Rick managed Michelle indirectly at Euan Barty Associates in Hong Kong


    Rick Allen*

    Michelle moved from London to Hong Kong to take up a position as senior account manager. This involved leaving friends and family behind and starting life afresh. Within a short period, she was settled and developed a broad circle of friends. She is gregarious by nature and proved to be a very good team player, being supportive of peers and mentoring juniors. She was confident and focused in her job, and developed good relationships with her clients. I wish her luck as her career path evolves.



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    It probably seems strange to talk about what not to do when contacting journalists rather than how to talk to them, however when building relationships with the media, avoiding the pitfalls is key. Your reputation is everything and as we know first impressions count.


    If you want to find out more then click the button for your free download for a guide on "Things to avoid doing when contacting the media."